Four Signs Of Electrical Issues

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Is your house at risk for electrical fires? Thousands of fires each year are electrical -- don't let this happen to you. There are several signs that show issues with the electrical system in your home. By learning these signs, you can spot the danger before it is too late.

There are also multiple things you can do to prevent electrical fires. In a home that is already at risk, this is your best option for keeping yourself safe. Follow this guide for important tips about electrical fires and how to lower your risk:

Don't Overload Extension Cords

Extension cords are great when you need several things plugged into one outlet, but it can be dangerous to overload the cords. Never plug one extension cord into another extension cord. Never plug anything into the cords that explicitly state "do not use with extension cords." The power cord may get too hot and cause a fire. You should never run extension cords in areas where they may cause a fire or be a danger to people in the home.

Dimming Lights

Do your lights dim or flicker? It is rarely related to the lights; most often, it is related to large appliances that are using electricity. The appliances sometimes share the same circuit and are using too much energy for that circuit. Try purchasing energy-efficient appliances and not running multiple large appliances, like washing machines or dryers, at the same time. You can also have an electrician move things to different circuits and fix the issue that way.


Sparking from an outlet or electrical box is dangerous. It is a sign that requires immediate professional attention from a licensed electrician. Appliances that spark can be due to damage inside that appliance and not the electrical system. Your local electrician services can test the outlets and the appliance to see which one is having the problems. The wiring can be fixed in any appliance if necessary.

Weird Odors

Any time that you smell a weird odor coming from an outlet, you should never again use that outlet until an electrician has checked it. It is a sign that something is damaged with the outlet and has a high risk of a fire starting if it is used again. Turn off power to that outlet, if possible, until it is repaired.


You should never work on your electrical problems in your home unless you are a licensed electrician. It is extremely dangerous and you can cause serious injuries to yourself.