Why Plugging A Dozen Cords Into Two Outlets Is A Bad Idea

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Everyone does it, especially when it comes to the entertainment "wall" in your living room or den. You have cords for a TV, a Blu-Ray player, two to four gaming systems, and a sound system. You may have lots of other cords for lots of other entertainment devices.

However much stuff you have to entertain yourself, your family, and your friends, you have cords to go with them. The scary part is, you probably have all of those cords plugged into a two-plug outlet using a multi-plug converter, extension cords with several plug-in ports, or power strips with six or more outlets. Here is why plugging all of your cords into two actual outlets this way is a bad idea.

Power Demand Overloads

Let's look at the fact that each outlet in your home is wired for "x" number of watts, volts, and amps. Exceeding those watts, volts, and amps causes a power demand overload. Now the drain on your electrical system in your house cannot provide what this particular outlet demands. Things short-circuit, and you are constantly running to the fuse box to flip switches on again. This can become dangerous. You could hire an electrician to perform some electrical repair that adds outlets, or adds more watts, amps, and volts to your fuse box to protect it from power demand overloads.

Electrical Fires

If you leave the previously mentioned situation unchecked and avoid fixing the problem, guess what? You could end up with an electrical fire. Do you know what is bad about an electrical fire? You cannot put it out with water. Many fire extinguishers made for home use are not equipped to handle electrical fires either. The end result is that your home burns down because there is no safe way to put out the fire that started with too many electrical cords plugged into too few outlets.

Exposed Wiring

Pets can sometimes be quite naughty. Cats and dogs both will chew on cords for no other reason than to entertain themselves. This often leaves uncovered and exposed live wires plugged into outlets with all of your other cords. Guess what happens when that damaged cord sparks to the surrounding ones? Lots more sparks, lots of fried wires, and even a badly damaged outlet that no longer works or is just not safe to use. Be sure to always check your cords if you have pets, but more importantly, do not plug this many cords into the same outlet so that you have less to worry about.

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