Moved To A New Office? Find A Good Commercial Electrician

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Moving office is a big deal at all fronts, including electrical. And here we are not just talking about plug and switch issues.

There is a whole range of electrical installations to consider: New outlets, lighting, power back-up system, structured cabling for telephone and internet services etc.

Then there are services such as maintenance, early warning systems, emergency services etc. How do you go about finding the right commercial electrician for the job?

Do Your Research

The first place to start is Google. Look for online directories for your state or area. Get a list of all commercial electricians in your area and start sifting through. Pay attention to license, experience, insurance, and customer reviews.

You could also ask friends and family for references of a commercial electrician they've worked with.

Conduct Interviews

From the list, start interviewing the short-listed candidates. Here are a few issues you may want to discuss at this point.

Qualifications & License

Ask them to produce evidence of his qualifications such as a license number.


Check their portfolio. Make sure they are fully qualified and that they are not a novice or an apprentice. What magnitude of projects have they handled in the past?


Ask for references from other companies they've worked for.


Test their knowledge. Is the electrician familiar with your state's regulations pertaining to electrical installations?

How knowledgeable is the contractor of the job at hand? Give them a brief about the job then ask them what solutions they are proposing and how they intend to go about it.  

Ask them about safety precautions. What measures does the company intend to take to ensure safety? Also find out if their knowledge is up to date. You could for example ask them about energy efficiency measures, the latest lighting options, etc.


Make sure the electrician has specialized knowledge and expertise for the work at hand. For example, is the candidate familiar with data cabling, rewiring or power point installation?

Get Quotes

Your candidates should be able to provide you with estimates of the cost of the project. These should be written and clear. The commercial electrician should be open and ready to answer any question you may have.


Base yourself on the facts above but also consider the rapport or vibes you are getting from your would be electrician. After all is said and done, do you feel you can work together for the long haul?

Choosing a commercial electrician for your new office will take time. Start your search early so that you can settle on a great choice quickly.