New Homeowner's Introduction To Electrical Problems

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As a homeowner, one of the potentially scariest problems you might encounter is a malfunction within your electrical system. Electrical problems are not something to be taken lightly, because they can lead to severe situations such as electrical fires. The only way to really avoid some of the severity of these dangers is to be able to recognize problems early and know how to respond while you're waiting for an electrician. Here are some of the things to watch for.

Power Surge Problems

Power surges are experienced when there's a burst of electricity that's fed into your home's electrical grid suddenly. These types of surges can overload your electronics, appliances, and even your electrical panel, which can be damaging. Unfortunately, that can actually lead to electrical fires in some cases. The most common time for a power surge to occur is when power is restored after an outage of some kind.

That's why it's important that you unplug all of your electronics as soon as a power outage occurs, and only plug them back in after power has been restored. You can also reduce the risk of problems like these by installing surge protection in your electrical system.

Circuit Overload Issues

Depending on how much electrical load your home is wired to withstand, plugging too many things in at once could potentially cause a circuit to overload. If that happens, it could cause the breaker panel to trip, it may discolor the area around the outlets, and you could smell smoke around the affected areas. If this happens, you should reach out to an electrician right away. He or she can repair the damage and help you understand the capacity within your home's electrical grid.

Electrical Arcs

Any time you have a damaged wire or cord, even if it's from something as simple as a rodent chewing on it, the electrical circuit that's supposed to be completed by that wire gets interrupted. Sometimes, the electrical circuit will actually arc between the two ends, connecting them, but causing a spark in the process. Live electrical arcs can be damaging to your home, and they can cause electric shock if you touch them. If you see something like this occur, shut down the circuit breaker right away and call your electrician. If it's just one power cord, you can turn off the breaker, unplug the cord, then restore the breaker.

The more you understand, the better prepared you can be for potential problems with your electrical system. Contact a service, like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc, for more help.