Easy Emergency Preparedness ~ The Worst Could Happen When You Least Expect

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Do you have an emergency preparedness plan? Many people do not because they have a false sense of security that they would never encounter an emergency. Think for a moment about what would happen if there was severe weather in your area that resulted in a widespread power outage. You would likely find the situation inconvenient, but it could also put you or other family members at risk for health emergencies. For example, a power outage would mean that you would not be able to operate some home medical equipment and appliances, which could make certain people sick.


Automatic generators are a good investment because they provide immediate power when electricity is lost. This means that you would not have to worry about trying to get a generator working if you suddenly lost power. There are also portable generators. This option may be more budget-friendly, but you will need to manually turn on the generator when power is lost. Portable options may not be ideal if you are a person who has mobility issues. Assuming that you live in an area that only has severe weather during certain seasons, it is possible that you may forget how to use the generator. Automatic generators will not require specific abilities to engage them. Portable generators must be powered on outdoors to prevent potential carbon monoxide issues. Keep in mind that all generators need to be serviced to ensure that they work when needed. For example, a portable generator that has not been serviced might contain contaminated fuel making it inoperable during an emergency.

Other Things to Keep On-Hand

As long as you have a working generator, you will be able to refrigerate food and use your microwave. It is still a good idea to have non-perishable foods available. There are pantry items that have a decent shelf life such as cereals and crackers, but opting for canned goods will give you the longest shelf life for non-perishables. Ensure that you also have bottled water. This is because sometimes severe weather negatively impacts tap water making it unsafe to consume. A fully stocked first aid kit will be ideal if there are injuries in your household or your neighbors'. Purchase large tarps and plywood to serve as protective barriers for roofing or window damages that could be caused by high winds. 

An electrician is a good resource to use to discover more ways a generator could benefit you. They can also help you to determine the best type of generator for your property. For more information, contact a business such as Chadwick Electric Services.