Electrical Maintenance In Your Swimming Pool

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Now that summer is almost here, you need to get your pool ready to go. As you focus on cleaning, filling, and maintaining your pool water, do not forget to check and repair your electrical system. Unfortunately, pool electrical problems are a danger as well as an expense, so keep your family and friends safe by taking precautions. 

Yearly Inspection

Unfortunately, many pool owners neglect this aspect of pool maintenance. Unless you are an electrician yourself, you cannot tell that your system is in good shape. An experienced professional can make sure that your pool is up to the National Electrical Code or NEC. The electrical wires should be at least five feet from the water, and you should have ground fault circuit interrupters, GFCIs, on your water pumps and other electrical equipment that is used with your pool.  If your pool is not up to code, electrocution is a real danger. 

Heat Pump

If your pool has a heat pump, you need to pay special attention to it as well. You need to keep the area immediately around the heat pump free from obstructions so that it gets enough air flow. Make sure there is no foliage blocking the air intake. Also, regularly clean yard debris from the air intake as well. Your system will run more efficiently and last longer if care for it properly. 


When you are checking out the electrical system, do not forget the landscaping lights. They also need to be properly maintained. If they are defective, someone can be electrocuted on your wet lawn as they come out of the swimming pool. If you notice that any of your outdoor lighting fixtures have rust, flicker, or make suspicious noises, you need to have them repaired or replaced. Also, ensure that your swimming pool lighting system is independent from your home's system. Older pools or pools wired by a do-it-yourselfer may not be up to code or even minimally safe. You don't want pool problems to take out your home wiring.

Before pool season begins, you need to make certain that your electrical system is adequate to meet your demands and keep your family safe from shock or even electrocution. If you notice any potential problems, you should call an electrical contractor immediately to repair or replace faulty elements. Your safest move would be to have a yearly inspection to ensure that everything is up to current national codes and working well. Make an appointment now before hot weather arrives. 

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