Is It Bad If Your Home Has A Fuse Box?

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Although fuse boxes are becoming less common, many older homes still use fuse boxes for their electrical service. Perhaps because they're older, it's common for homeowners to question the safety and viability of fuse boxes. These answers to frequently asked questions will help you decide whether your fuse box is a problem or if it's safe to use.  

Is it bad if your home has a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker panel?

Although many homeowners believe that fuse boxes are inherently unsafe, this is not the case. A fuse box that is in good condition and which provides adequate electrical service for the needs of the household is likely to perform well. However, many fuse boxes are plagued by problems that can make them unsafe.

What are the problems with fuse boxes?

Many years ago, when fuse boxes were a standard feature of many homes, people tended to use less electricity in their daily lives. With the invention of computers, air conditioners and dishwashers, the electrical needs of many households grew and changed. This means that many fuse boxes now provide inadequate electrical service to the homes where they are installed.

In homes where the fuse boxes provide inadequate electrical service, fuses may blow frequently. This is an inconvenience and can be disruptive. To avoid problems, many homeowners install larger than necessary fuses in the circuits of the fuse box. This enables more electricity to get through the wires than is safe. While this may prevent the fuses from blowing on a regular basis, this is also a fire hazard.

How can you find out if your fuse box is safe?

The best way to find out whether or not your fuse box is safe is to have it inspected by an electrician like those at Pearson Electric, Inc. He or she can tell you if the fuse box supplies adequate electricity for your home and whether or not the fuse box is safe to continue using.

Can you replace the fuse box in your home with a circuit breaker box as a DIY project?

If you find out that your fuse box should be replaced, this should not be done as a DIY project. Fuse box removal and circuit panel installation involves high-level electrical work. DIYers who attempt to do this kind of work on their own could create a hazardous situation or a fire. For best results and for total safety, have the work done by a reputable electrician.