Three Electrical Situations That Should Warrant A Call To A Professional

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When you own your own home, it's beneficial to be able to spot potential problems when they arise so that you can arrange for a contractor to visit and fix the issue before it worsens and costs you more money. Where your home's electrical system is concerned, there's not only the risk of a problem worsening and costing you more money, but also the risk of a fire starting. As such, keeping a watchful eye out for the signs of various electrical problems will allow you to schedule a visit from an electrician, such as Palmer Electric Inc., as soon as possible. Here are three such issues that should warrant you making this call.

Frequent Power Outages

While some power outages can occur as a result of outside circumstances, such as an issue at your local electrical station, there are several in-home factors that can leave you in the dark. Your first priority upon noticing a power outage is to check if your neighbors' lights are on; if so, the problem is in your home alone. Repeated power outages can indicate a problem with your home's circuit breaker panel. It's possible that some of the circuits are either outdated or faulty, or that some circuits are pulling in more power than they're designed to handle. Whatever the case, your electrical contractor will be able to make the necessary repairs to prevent these outages.

Multiple Plugs Into Single Outlets

While it's conventional for many people to have two plugs plugged into some of their wall outlets, it's a concern if you're using power bars and other attachments to power multiple electrical devices from a single outlet. Drawing all this power from one source can overload the circuit and cause the breaker to trip, but there's also a risk of a literal trip—too many wires running around the room can cause you to fall. Finally, the use of extension cords can pose a fire risk. Your electrician can add a circuit and mount another outlet in the room to help you avoid these issues.

Warmth From Switches

Your wall switches shouldn't ever be warm to the touch. If you encounter this situation, there's likely a wiring problem in which a live wire is sending current to the switch box. This problem could lead to a serious shock for you or a family member or even a fire if the current reaches the wooden framing behind your wall. Your electrical contractor will either redo the problematic wiring or replace the switch unit to ensure everything is safe.