Recessed Lighting Can Be A Good Choice For You

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When you want to have a lot of light in your house but you don't want to have a lot of chandeliers or lamps, then you have an option. You can go with something like recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is installed in your ceiling and then points down to a particular area in your room.  

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

There are benefits to choosing to use recessed lighting in your house. 

  1. Creates space: There are two different ways that recessed lighting can create space. One is that it creates actual space by getting rid of overhead lights, chandeliers, and lamps. That can be especially important in a small house that doesn't otherwise have a lot of room. The other way is that the create the illusion of space. Getting the lighting higher tricks your eye into thinking that the room is higher and brighter than it is. 
  2. Spotlight lighting: You can use your recessed lighting to spotlight a particular area. It's as easy as making sure the right kind of fixture is set into the ceiling, and that it is aimed correctly. You may want to choose to do this in your kitchen, right over your counters, table, and stove. You can also use it to point out pieces of art. 
  3. Diffuse lighting: Recessed lighting can also produce diffuse lighting. It's all in the way that the fixture is installed and what kind of reflector and trim is placed around the fixture. The diffuse effect will let you still enjoy having plenty of light, without having too much light in any one area. 

Drawbacks to Recessed Lighting

There are always some drawbacks to any choice you make. That includes recessed lighting. To make a truly informed decision, you need to know them as well.

  1. More difficult to install: Installing recessed lighting is more difficult than other lighting. The reason for that is because all the structure and systems for your house are hidden under the floors and above the ceilings. Your ceiling has structural elements like struts and joints, as well as things like pipes and wires. The recessed lighting has to be installed into those spaces as well. It can take some careful planning to make sure that you get your light but that the light doesn't get in the way of necessary structures. 

Recessed lighting can be the best choice for you, especially if you want to have a nice clean look in your house, without any exposed lighting. Contact a local electrician, such as one from JF Electrical Contractors, Inc, for further assistance.