3 Electrical Upgrades To Make Before Moving Into A New Home

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If you are planning to move into an older home, you may find that some updates are needed in order to make the home more compatible with a modern lifestyle. Before you move into your new home, here are three electrical upgrades you should invest in to make things more convenient.

1. Installation of additional outlets.

The number of consumer electronics that the average homeowner uses each day has increased. In 1997, less than 30 percent  of U.S. households had more than three televisions. By 2009 this percentage climbed to nearly 45 percent. The number of computers in the average household has also increased.

If you want your older home to be able to accommodate your modern devices, you may need to install more electrical outlets. Consider asking your electrician to install USB outlets that facilitate the charging of cell phones and tablets more readily.

2. Installation of a whole-home surge protector.

If you want to protect your expensive electronics from damage during a power surge, then installing a whole-home surge protector prior to moving into your older home could be beneficial. In addition to the electronic devices found in modern homes, LED lighting, washing machines, and dryers all come equipped with circuit boards that must be protected from electrical damage.

By installing a whole-home surge protector, you allow only the electricity your home needs to power your devices to travel through your electrical wires. This keeps over-voltages from the utility company from damaging your expensive consumer electronic devices by shorting out their circuit boards.

3. Installation of an emergency generator.

When a natural disaster strikes, access to utilities is often limited. If you need to keep the electricity in your new home running no matter what the circumstances may be, you might want to consider the installation of an emergency generator.

These devices have the ability to continue powering refrigerators, medical equipment and heating systems when access to municipal power is limited. Having an emergency generator installed before you move into your new home will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will always have access to electrical power.

There are many things that you must consider before moving into a new home. Taking the time to assess your electrical needs prior to your move-in date will give you the time you need to hire an electrician like Action Electric to install upgrades like additional outlets, a whole-home surge protector, and an emergency generator before you get settled in your new home.