When You Shouldn't Try To Do Electrical Work Yourself

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When you are a homeowner who prefers to take on home improvement and repair projects yourself rather than hiring other people to do it, it may be difficult for you to decide if and when you should hire a licensed electrician to help you with electrical work. And while you may be adept at handling complex projects around your home all by yourself, there are some instances when it is best to hire an electrician to help you out. Get to know some of the times when you shouldn't try to do electrical work yourself so that you can be sure to stay safe as you work on improving your home.

Your Outlets And Light Switches Are Warm To The Touch

When you plug your laptop or phone charger into your wall outlets, the outlets should not feel warm or hot to the touch. In fact, there should be no heat when you unplug your outlets either. The same goes for any light switches in your home.

If there is heat emanating from these fixtures, you may be tempted to removed the plates or covers to take a look at the issue yourself. However, if there is heat, there is likely faulty or damaged wiring somewhere leading to your outlet. This wiring issue can be difficult to find and even worse, can be dangerous if you accidentally touch a live, damaged wire unknowingly.

Because of this complexity and the difficulty of finding the source of the problem, it is best to consult with a licensed electrician. They have the tools and the expertise to safely find the source of the problem and fix it before that heat in your outlet causes electrical burns or fires in your home.

You Need Three-Prong Outlets And Only Have Two

Older houses often have electrical systems that are seriously out of date. As a result, they may not have outlets that work for three-prong plugins. Instead, they only have two. While this can be inconvenient for you because many modern electronics use three-prong outlets, there is a far bigger issue at hand.

Three-prong outlets are grounded, meaning that they are less likely to cause shocks or electrical fires because the third prong is "ground" prong. The third prong makes your electrical system more stable and helps to keep you and your electrical appliances that are plugged into the outlets safer and helps them to function better.

If you have only two-prong outlets, your electrical system is not fully grounded and can be unstable. This can mean it is also unsafe. Purchasing a cheap converter to plug into your two-prong outlets will not help with the situation as far as safety and functionality goes and may cause you even further issues in your home. As such, it is best to have a licensed electrician come in and ground your outlets to stabilize your electrical system.

Now that you know a few of the situations in which you should hire a professional electrician, like those at Advantage Electric and other companies, you can be sure that you do not take any unnecessary risks when you are working on your home improvement projects.