New Wiring And Other Upgrades For Gaming Household

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If you're planning on picking up some awesome gaming hardware, make sure that your house is ready. Old wiring with outdated electrical capacity and bad wiring that shuts off and sparks randomly can do more than interrupt your game; it could permanently damage your electronics and make your home wiring even worse. Before buying a new gaming computer, video game console or any expensive electronics for playing and watching games, take a look at a few things an electrician should check in your home.

What Does Bad Wiring Mean?

The concept of old, frayed wiring sounds bad, but how exactly does it fit in with failure? The copper wires that transfer electricity throughout the home can last for decades, but they won't last forever due to the hot nature of electricity.

Electricity is a source of heat, and although copper is a common electrical transfer material for wiring, it can begin to melt and burn away. Certain electrical risks such as lightning storms or surges of power from power failures outside and inside the home can send unplanned jolts of electricity through the wiring, which can lead to instant flashes of damage.

The tricky part about bad wiring is that failure isn't always 100%. The wire can completely snap apart, but if the wiring is hung loosely, the wires may still be touching each other enough to carry electricity. This touching is weaker than a solid cable when it comes to transferring electricity, so some devices may not get enough power. Wires can move as well, especially in colder months when shrinkage from thermal contraction causes the wiring to shrink away.

These wires need to be replaced, but the replacement can be more than just a 1-for-1 swap. Old homes can look forward to advanced wiring techniques with thicker, safer wires that are less likely to come apart. Copper and many other materials are recycled more easily, and advances in mining techniques have made new copper sources cheaper to operate. This all comes together to make cheaper wires for the electrician and better wiring for you. 

Upgraded Sockets And Device Placement

Along with new wiring, electricians install new ways to connect your devices. In addition to adding more electrical sockets in places that need more connections, advanced socket types are available.

Tired of tripping over Ethernet cables or seeing different cables trailing across your floor? Instead of dragging cables across the room and around corners, an electrician can pull multiple cables through the wall to give you the maximum number of cables needed.

Even if you plan on upgrading, an electrician can install easy insertion boxes that allow you to push new cables in and pull old cables off. Make sure to replace the covers of these boxes when not in use to avoid allowing dust, pests and other small objects into the cable area. 

Any cable can be pulled through the walls and added to a wall plate, or created as its own dedicated plate for connection. Getting a wired connection to another part of the home instead of dealing with intermittent wireless connections during gameplay can make gaming anywhere in the home an efficient reality. Contact an electrician like those at Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. to discuss other ways to prepare your home for safe, efficient electrical use.