What Could Be Causing Your Ceiling Fan To Rock?

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One of many goals as a homeowner is to keep a home comfortable regardless of what the temperature is outside. As simple way to make a home more comfortable while reducing the amount of energy you are utilizing is to install ceiling fans in your home. A ceiling fan will swirl cool air around the room and create a nice breeze while using less power than your air conditioner would be using.

While a ceiling fan is a convenient fixture to have, it can be a nuisance when it starts rocking. Fortunately, this is a problem you can fix (or have fixed) by figuring out why it is rocking in the first place.

Possible Cause #1: Loose Fan Motor

The fan motor plays a huge role in your ceiling fan's ability to operate. A loose fan motor can cause a ceiling fan to rock. This is a problem that requires an experienced electrical contractor who can examine and tighten the fan motor.

Possible Cause #2: Improperly Balanced Blades

The fan blades not being properly aligned can cause a fan to rock. Repositioning and/or realigning the blades is all that is needed to fix this problem.

Possible Cause #3: The Blades Are Dirty

The unfortunate truth is ceiling blades attract dirt and dust. As the dirt and dust builds up, it can cause the weight of the blades to increase which can make the entire ceiling fan unbalanced. Wiping the blades with a damp cloth from time to time is the easiest way to keep them clean. You can also use a duster if you have no way to get close enough to the blades to wipe them down with a cloth.

Possible Cause #4: Insecurely Mounted

Ceiling fans are not exactly lightweight. If they are not mounted securely, they can rock. A ceiling fan wobbling or rocking is not safe if it is because it is not mounted securely as it could detach and fall at any time. Ideally, you should have a professional inspect the ceiling fan to make sure it was installed correctly and tighten all of the screws. This should resolve the rocking issue.

A rocking ceiling fan is a problem some homeowners tend to ignore because it doesn't stop the fan from working. It is a problem that should not be ignored because it is dangerous. It might be only a matter of time before the rocking ceiling fan catches fire or comes loose and falls.