When To Rewire Your Home's Electrical System

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When you live in an older home, you are constantly on the lookout for things to break down. You probably keep a close eye on the sewer system, the roof, and your HVAC unit. One thing you may neglect, however, is your electrical system. If your house is older, chances are it needs an electrical upgrade. Do not wait until you blow out the wiring or start a small electrical fire. Check now for signs that your wiring needs to be replaced.


If your wiring is from an earlier time, it was not meant to withstand the drain of modern appliances and gaming systems. Any home can have a breaker trip now and then, but when your breakers are regularly flipping off, you may have a problem. Occasionally, a defective appliance may be the culprit for the breaker issues, but they might be caused by your home's old wiring that was not designed to handle all the amps you need for modern life. 

Aluminum Wiring

If your home was new in the 60's or 70's, you might have aluminum wiring. This type of wiring is no longer considered safe since it corrodes when it comes up against copper. This corrosion can cause connections to loosen, which in turn leads to fires. If you have aluminum wiring, you will greatly improve the safety of your home if you have it replaced. 

Flickering, Noises, Shocks

You will know that your wiring is unstable if it keeps putting on a show. The frequent flickering of lights is one sign of a problem. If you hear popping, buzzing, or sizzling coming from your electrical outlets, you definitely need to contact a professional before your system shorts out or things begin to burn. Also, you should not receive a shock when you plug in your appliances. If you are regularly getting zapped, new wiring is definitely in your near future.

Older homes can be a fabulous investment and bring you much home-owning joy. You will have to do some significant maintenance on them over the years. If your home is decades old and has never had a wiring upgrade, you can be sure that it needs one. Postponing this task is not a good idea. Flickering, popping, and breaker flipping will not go away on its own. If you have aluminum wiring, a real danger lurks in your walls. Consult with a good residential electrician about your home's needs. Once you have had your house rewired, it will be ready to take on today's modern electrical appliances for the foreseeable future.